December 27, 2022

The Reaction of Eldress Galaktia To Her Vision of the Stoning of the Protomartyr Stephen

The following was described by Ririka Chronakis, who was raised by Eldress Galaktia like a daughter:

Every morning with much reverence I had to wait for her to go through all the icons. She would venerate and chat with the Saints. Then she would take a double-folded icon and pass it over the walker she was holding from top to bottom so that the demons would not touch it.

She could see that they were mocking her and wanted to throw her down. She crossed her bed with her grandfather's cross and all the key points of the house. She rested her head on the table in the middle room and listened with many tears to the Epistle and the Gospel on the ecclesiastical radio station.

Especially when she talked about the Protomartyr Stephen, she burst into tears: "My Stephen, my Stephen, my Stephen." She had seen many of the ecclesiastical events live.

She was shocked by the stoning of Stephen and described every detail to us with tears.