December 9, 2022

Miracles of Saint Anna at her Shrine in Vori of Prokonisos (1 - 5)

1. In 1900, Aglaia Augerino Voutsa, of the family of Alexios Skamnas, from Artaki in Asia Minor.

She became seriously ill and the doctors could not find what was wrong with her. Then her mother took her to Vori, to Saint Anna, where they shut themselves in the Monastery for forty days, fasting and praying. Morning and evening the Priest performed the sanctification of holy water service and read the exorcisms.

At the last sanctification service, Saint Anna took her out and brought her to the sea, where Saint Anna dipped the sick woman three times in the water, then took her out. After she vomited, she got well.

She lived with good health from then on and died at the age of 95 in Aigion.

2. In 1913, Mrs. Gregorelia from Artaki in Asia Minor.

She suffered from psychosis. They took her to Saint Anna, she stayed in the Monastery for forty days, and every morning the priest read her exorcisms and performed a sanctification of holy water service. Many times she took Saint Anna in her arms and went into the deep sea (her grace drew her into the sea) and again returned to the Monastery, while the priest read a sanctification service in her name. After forty days, she became completely well and returned to her home.

3. In 1919, Vasiliki N. Skamnas, of the family of Hatjithanasis from Artaki.

In May of the same year, she lost her two daughters on the same day. One child was seven years old and the other two years old.

From the great sadness she fell seriously ill. Then her mother Aglaia Hadjithanasis took her to Saint Anna and they shut themselves up in the Monastery doing forty days of fasting and prayer, drinking tea and water.

Every day the priest read the exorcisms and they drank holy water. From time to time they heard footsteps in the sanctuary, as they also saw the shadow of Saint Anna passing in front of them. After forty days she became completely well and is alive to this day and you can ask her to tell you the same story.

4. Mr. Photis Mantikas, from Passalimani of Prokonisos in Asia Minor, testified as follows.

"In May 1910 I was in Constantinople. There I got sick and they took me to the Baloukli hospital. When the doctors examined me, they told my mother that I have meningitis and that I am not getting better. Then my mother took me home to die there. Vangelis Kavounis and Demetrios Louis then went to Vori and brought the Icon of Saint Anna. As they were putting the Icon in my house, I cried out: 'Mother!' A woman came and caressed my head. Immediately I spoke, having been mute for so many days, and opened my eyes. I heard the Icon squeak three times. We immediately brought the priest of the village and performed a sanctification of holy water. My mother was crying and begging Saint Anna to give me my health.

From that day on, my health improved and in a few days I became completely well and I live to this day, when I am 77 years old."

5. Katerina Hatzilia from Passalimani was demon possessed to a great extent. To restrain her, they had tied her to the stasidia with chains; her family stayed in the Monastery of Saint Anna for forty days with fasting and prayer and she left completely well.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.