December 23, 2022

A Few Major Changes Coming for the Mystagogy Resource Center

Dear Readers:
With another Christmas and New Year approaching, I wanted to make everyone aware of some major changes coming to this ministry within the next few weeks.
The first major change is that is shutting down and will serve as an archive of its current material. I am currently at over 16,000 posts on this website alone, and it is not designed for so many pages. My new website where we will have a fresh new start will be announced within a few weeks.
The second major change is that I am starting a YouTube channel to supplement this ministry. Initially I will just be creating and uploading some videos of interest, and eventually I was considering doing a weekly show of some sorts, if I see there is an interest in me doing so.
The third major change is that I will be focusing more in 2023 on publishing books. I have about a dozen either completed or nearly completed books I've been sitting on, with dozens of more waiting, but my schedule hasn't allowed me to move forward with them to complete them and publish them.
Of course, these changes are more dependent on you than me. I'm always happy to make my contribution, but my contribution is dependent on your contribution.
My greatest challenge in 2022 regarding the ministry of the Mystagogy Resource Center is considering whether it was worth my time continuing with it, since the devotion of my time to it has become more of a stranglehold on me than an opportunity to produce some good Orthodox material. It is hardly financially feasible for me to even devote an hour to it a day at this point unless I get some help to allow me to devote the time I need to really offer what I can. I've always said that this free ministry only exists because of your financial assistance to allow me to at least have the time to do some work on it on a daily basis. And if this ministry grows, it is only because you have allowed me to help it grow. With this being the case, your present financial contribution, which is the only factor I have in determining if there is any interest in what I do, will determine what happens when 2023 rolls in. My dream is to at least devote half my time each day to this ministry, so I am hoping my dream will come true soon, but for now, please give what you can.
This being said, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
John Sanidopoulos 
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