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December 30, 2022

1954 Nativity Message of St. John Maximovitch

1954 Christmas Message to the West European and East Asian Flock

By St. John Maximovitch

“O the depth of the riches and wisdom and mind of God! Thou hast settled in the cave, Christ God: the manger received Thee, the shepherds and the magi worshiped Thee."

On the earth, full of tribulations and sorrows, the Son of God descended from heaven, where angels praise Him with unceasing hymns.

The King of Heaven appeared on earth to live with people.

The Creator and Maker of the world Himself became a man. The incorporeal God, omnipresent and omnipotent, took on human flesh, took on a human body, which is weak and subject to suffering.

At the same time, He did not cease to be God, all-powerful and holding everything in His power.

God is invisible to the angels, and unable to see the fullness of His Glory.

In the flesh He is visible to everyone, not only angels, but also sinful people and even animals.

Born in a wretched cave to be accessible to everyone.

In squalor and poverty He was born on earth to give people eternal wealth.

Wrapped in swaddling clothes is the One Who brought liberation and absolution to people bound by their sins and vices.

The King of kings and the Lord of lords lay down in the manger from which the dumb animals are fed.

Where the food of cattle was there He now lies in the flesh, giving sinful men to eat His Body and drink His Blood for the remission of sins and to have eternal life.

He appeared among weak babies and runs away from Herod in order to become close to all the weak, oppressed and persecuted.

From His very birth, “He had nowhere to lay his head” (Luke 9:58), in order to become the hope and support of all the destitute.

He who is born now grants eternal wealth and joy beyond all understanding in His Heavenly Kingdom.

On earth, He gives peace to souls, strengthens the good will and favor of those who worship Him, those who glorify and praise Him.

Come all faithful! Come, let us rejoice in the Lord!

Flock together, babies and children, glorify Your Divine Companion, who said “suffer the children to come to Me” (Mark 10:14), for He embraces you, lays hands on you and blesses you.

Praise Him, teenagers and youth, together with the shepherds hasten to know the Savior of the world, proclaim Him to everyone and praise Him!

Rejoice with Mary, all virgins and wives, for blessedness instead of sorrow, joy instead of grief, were brought by the Newborn of the Virgin!

All bow down to the King who was born, with the Magi bring Him from your spiritual and material treasures! Offer Him your strengths and abilities as a gift, give Him from your possessions, in order to perceive the eternal instead of the perishable, instead of the earthly, the heavenly.

Bring to Him those who dwell in poverty, your patience and good will; those who exist in sickness and sorrow, their sighs and tears, which He will wipe away.

With Joseph, the elders Symeon and Anna, glorify Him all old men and old women, for now your eyes see the Gladsome Light, and the glory to come.

With the heavenly hosts and the spirits of the righteous, let us now rejoice all people, all mankind: "For us, the Young Child, the Eternal God, was born." Christ is born!


Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.