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Thursday, February 20, 2020

An Update on Vasiliki Plexida, Who Miraculously Survived a Helicopter Crash in 2017

I have received a few requests for an update on Sergeant Vasiliki Plexida, who miraculously survived a helicopter crash in 2017, so I thought I would make the update public.

First, on the two year anniversary she returned to the scene of the crash with others to set up a memorial for both her miraculous deliverance and for the memory of her fellow fallen soldiers. She made the following post on Facebook on April 18, 2019 (translation mine) and posted pictures which are below:

"On the occasion of the two years that are completed tomorrow, April 19th, on April 13th there took place at Sarantaporo Elassona a doxology to our Panagia Akrōtērianē Serphiōtissa Therapeutria for my miraculous rescue, as well as a memorial prayer for our Fallen Heroes, Lieutenant General John Tsanidakis, Lieutenant General Thomas Adamos, Lieutenant General Demosthenes Goulas and Lieutenant General Constantine Hatzis. I pray our Panagia has under her protection our Greece and our Orthodoxy which have been cast down mercilessly!"

The second update comes to us from another Facebook post just a few days ago, on February 14, 2020 (translation mine), accompanied by photos which are at the top of this page:

"Yesterday on February 13th, we celebrated our Panagia Akrōtērianē Serphiōtissa Therapeutria in Serifos! Many people came who honored her, both at the Festal Vespers, as well as yesterday which was the day of her feast! I personally am grateful to her for my rescue from the crash of the helicopter at Sarantaporo Elassona on April 19, 2017 and I am grateful to her for finding me worthy to return for another year to thank her! I pray in these difficult times that all of us are experiencing, that she have us all under her protection and especially our country and our Orthodoxy!!!"

She also made the following testimony detailing what happened to her that day:

For those who don't recall the story, which I previously posted on, please read the three links below:

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