February 18, 2020

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Leo and Paregorios

Sts. Leo and Paregorios (Feast Day - February 18)


To Paregorios.
The bound flesh of Paregorios was assaulted,
Having consolation in great crowns.

To Leo.
Wounded Leo was strengthened by God above,
Forcibly dragged he was steadfast as a lion.

Of these two martyrs, blessed Paregorios was punished with many types of tortures, and received the unfading crown of martyrdom being perfected in Christ. The renowned Leo remained a monk, and was unable to endure being separated from the Martyr Paregorios, and because he did not attain the crown of martyrdom, he bitterly wept and lamented. He therefore left the place where the relic of Saint Paregorios was buried, weeping, and his heart became inflamed with a longing for martyrdom.

Departing from there he went to a place where there was a festival held by idol worshipers. Seeing there lamps and candles, from which much light emanated, he took them into his hands and crushed them, then throwing them to the ground he trampled on them. He was therefore arrested, and stood before the ruler of the city, and having been questioned, he proclaimed Christ as the true God.

For this reason he was harshly lacerated with ox-hides, and the athlete of Christ endured this with such joy, that it was as if someone else was suffering and not himself. After this he was beaten, then violently dragged over a precipitous and impassable dry river. Then, having received permission, he prayed, and with this he delivered his soul into the hands of God, receiving the crown of martyrdom he longed for. When the executioners cast his relic in a ravine, they departed.