February 8, 2020

Saint Oncho of Clonmore

Saint Oncho was an Irish pilgrim, poet, guardian of the Celtic traditions, and a collector of holy relics. While pursuing his search for memorials of the Irish saints he died at Clonmore Monastery around the year 600, then governed by Saint Maidoc of Ferns, and his body was enshrined there together with the relics he had gathered.

It is said that the site had been raided by Norsemen and the church was burned in 1040. Today, nothing remains of the monastery although, nearby, carved stones, Celtic crosses, and a Holy Well can be found.

Apolytikion in the Second Tone
Thou didst teach us the value of relics, O Father Oncho, for thou didst spend thy earthly life collecting these precious aids to piety and devotion. Pray to God for us, that in honouring what is precious to God, we may be found worthy of His great mercy.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
Following thine example, most Holy Oncho, we pray for strength to defend all precious and holy things, resisting to the end all attempts at desecration and sacrilege by the agents of the godless, that in all things glory may be given to Christ our God.