February 20, 2020

Saint Bolcan, Bishop of Derkan (+ 480)

St. Bolcan of Derkan (Feast Day - February 20);
photo shows Cranfield Church in Armoy

Saint Bolcan (also known as Olcan) was found, when an infant, beside his dead mother, by Darius, a chief of Carsedna. It is said he lay by his dead mother for seven days, and was found on the hill at Drumbolcan, Rasharkin around 443. He was baptized at Dunseverick by Saint Patrick, and sent by him to study in Gaul. Patrick later consecrated him in 474 as Bishop of Derkan (known also as Armoy, Conderkan, Airthir-muge, Rath-mugia) in the northern Ireland province of Ulster. He was the first Bishop of Ireland. Bolcan's school there was one of the best equipped in the island. He reposed after 480. Bolcan was reputedly buried at Cranfield Church in earth brought from Rome. This church has a well known as Olcan's Well which is said to be blessed by the Saint with healing properties.

Apolytikion in the Grave Tone
As thou didst encourage the virtue of learning, wise Hierarch Bolcan, teach us to have humility to follow our fathers in the faith, and not the ways of our own devising, that being faithful to Christ, we may be found worthy of His great mercy.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
From thy lips pure streams of orthodox doctrine poured forth, O most noble teacher and gracious Hierarch Bolcan. Revering thy memory, we pray for grace to follow thee, profiting by thy righteous example.