February 7, 2020

The Relics of Saint Parthenios of Lampsakos

Saint Parthenios was the first Bishop of Lampsakos during the reign of Emperor Constatine the Great. Lampsakos, near the modern town of Lapseki, was located on the eastern side of the Hellespont in the northern Troad accross from Gallipoli.

After the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1922, the Greeks of Lampsakos founded New Lampsakos in Evia, Greece. With them they brought the sacred relics of Saint Parthenios.

Refugees from Lampsakos now living in New Lampsakos relate many miracles that took place at the tomb of Saint Parthenios in their homeland. They say that when someone was sick, they would go and place their clothing on the tomb of the Saint, and the Saint would take upon himself their sickness and they would go back home completely healthy.

They also speak about a certain Turkish girl who would go and light his oil lamp at his tomb, but if she skipped out on doing this the Saint would appear to her at night and reprimand her.

Saint Parthenios is primarily known today for being the patron saint to cure cancer and he also has the grace to heal the demon possessed.

Today, the skull of the Saint is at the Dormition of the Theotokos Monastery in Makrymallis of Evia. Portions of his other relics can be found in many other places.

The skull of the Saint in an older reliquary.

Portion of the right hand in the Church of the Holy Twelve Apostles in Vrilissia.

Portions of the relics of Sts. George, Eustathios and Parthenios at the Church of Saint Paraskevi in Kopanou of Anthemion in Imathia.

Portion in the Monastery of Saint Nicholas on the island of Andros.

Portion in the Church of Saint Sophia in Peiraeus

Portion in the Monastery of the Transfiguration in Argithea of Vragkiana 

Portion in the Monastery of the Panagia in Dobra

Portion in the Cathedral Church of the Annunciation in Komotini

A portion of the skull is said to also be in Esphigmenou Monastery on Mount Athos. Portions of his relics are also at Mega Spelaion Monastery in Kalavryta, in the Monastery of the Panagia Rovelista in Arta, and in the Monastery of Kykkos in Cyprus.

Below is the trailer for a documentary on the Greek refugees of Old Lampsakos to New Lampsakos and of Turkish refugees from Greece to Old Lampsakos: