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Friday, December 1, 2017

Vasiliki Plexida Speaks of the Miracle of the Virgin Mary Towards Her

"The Panagia told me: 'I want you to proclaim the miracle which took place for you to strengthen the faith of all for the future things that are to come.' I promised to do so. I owe everything to the Panagia. Faith is the greatest weapon we have."

- Vasiliki Plexida, November 2017

More can be read about the miracle spoken of in the posts below:

In fulfillment of her promise, Vasiliki has begun to speak publicly about the miracle that saved her life. The first video below is a news report about it, and the second video is the whole talk. Unfortunately for English-speakers, the videos are in Greek only, but I offer them here to at least follow up on my previous posts about this story.

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