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Saints and Feasts of September 27

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Sunday Before the Nativity of Christ Resource Page

Sunday of the Genealogy of Christ (Falls Between December 18 and 24)


Seeing the dazzling radiance of your conceiving, O Virgin, Abraham the friend of God, noble Isaac, Jacob and the whole choir of saints chosen by God rejoice; and they bring creation to meet you with words of joy. For you appeared as the source of joy, since you conceived in your womb him who once appeared in Babylon and beyond all understanding preserved unburned the Youths unjustly cast into the furnace. And so they also raise the song as they hymn a Virgin who gives suck.

Synaxarion for the Sunday Before the Nativity of Christ

Sunday Before the Nativity of Christ: Epistle and Gospel Reading

The Sunday Before the Nativity of Christ

Homily on the Genealogy of Christ (St. Gregory Palamas)

On the Saints of the Old Testament

Honoring the Old Testament Athletes of our Faith

Christmas is Coming (Elder Aimilianos of Simonpetra)

The Significance of Christ’s Nativity for Us

The Fleshless and Incarnate Logos

Fr. John Romanides, the Angel of Great Counsel, and Iconography

The Angel of Great Counsel in Iconography

The Journey to Bethlehem in Chora

Commemoration of Righteous Abel, Son of Adam

Homily on Melchizedek, the King and Priest

A Homily on Joseph, the Chaste and Innocent

A Homily on the Meekness of Moses

Homily on the Obedience of Joshua the Son of Nun

A Homily on the Blameless Prophet Samuel

A Homily on the Faith and Zeal of Elijah the Prophet

A Homily on the Long-Suffering and Patient Job

Prophet Daniel Resource Page

An Annual Liturgical Drama That Took Place in Hagia Sophia on the Sunday Before Christmas

Orthodox Christmas Resource Page

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