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Monday, December 18, 2017

Synaxarion of Saint Floros, Bishop of Amisos

St. Floros of Amisos (Feast Day - December 18)


Floros was an image of the old condemnation,
He departed the earth. To the earth he returned. How strange is this?

Our Venerable Father Floros lived during the reigns of Emperors Justin II and Maurice (565-602). His father was also named Floros and his mother was Euphemia. Having become experienced in every form of learning, both externally of the Greeks and internally of the sacred and divine Scriptures, he at first became the secretary of the emperor. After this he was elevated to the office of patrician. He then took a wife and became the father of children.

Because his children and wife died from illness due to a plague, he was clothed in the monastic schema and lived a life of ascetic quietude on one of his properties, which was in a place called Anaplos. Later, due to his virtues, he was ordained Bishop of Amisos, which is a city of Cappadocia, known to the Turks as Samsun and Emed. He therefore went to his eparchy, and shepherded the flock entrusted to him well. And having performed many miracles, he departed to the Lord.*


* The Menologion of Basil II says that he continues to work miracles after his repose from his tomb.

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