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December 14, 2017

Saint Nomon the Wonderworker of Cyprus

St. Nomon the Wonderworker (Feast Day - December 11)

We do not have much information about Saint Nomon. He lived as an ascetic in the region of Tamassos in Cyprus. His simplicity, wisdom and paternal counsels drew suffering people who thirsted for some rest to him like a magnet, and out of his love for mankind God granted him the gift to work miracles. However, he desired to live alone in prayer and constant communication with God, and was unable to attain that which he longed for.

For this reason, because this Saint moved around a lot, we have many caves/hermitages associated with the Saint in the region of Tamassos. One of these caves is located near the village of Anagyia, where there are two churches dedicated to the Saint, one older church east of the village and one newer to the west of the village which is dedicated to both Saint Nomon and Saint Vehanios (both are commemorated on the same day). It is believed that Saint Nomon reposed in the cave at this village.

Apolytikion in the First Tone
Boast of Tamassos and praise of Cyprus, and you were seen as wonderworkers, Venerable Vehanios and Nomon. You subjected the flesh by fasting, as well as irrational remembrances. Wherefore you received the grace of healing from heaven, divinely-inspired ones. Glory to Him Who strengthens us, as well as crowns us, glory to Him Who works through you all manner of healings.