September 14, 2018

Why Every Christian Should Wear A Cross

By St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite

The Christians of old were accustomed to carry on themselves the Cross of Christ, made either out of wood, gold, silver or some other metal, for their protection and salvation. For this reason Saint Pankratios the Bishop of Taormina, who is celebrated on the ninth of July, when he baptized Christians, he gave to each of them a Cross made from cedar to carry on them. And Gregory the Theologian carried a Cross towards the averting of every adversary. For this reason he spoke to the devil in meter:

Flee swiftly from my heart, all-crafty one.
Flee from my members and from my life.
Nay, yield forthwith, lest I smite thee with the Cross,
whereat all things tremble;
I bear the Cross upon me, in all my members.
I bear the Cross whene’er I journey, whene’er I sleep.
I hold the Cross in my heart. The Cross is my boast.

These same demons were constrained to confess to Saint John Vostrinos, who had authority over demons, that they feared three things of the Christians - Baptism, the Cross they wear around their neck and Holy Communion. Thus all Christians today should imitate the Christians of old, and they should wear a Cross, to show they are Christians, and towards the averting of every evil.