September 29, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Goudelia of Persia

St. Goudelia the Martyr (Feast Day - September 29)


Goudelia by the sword hastened with her head,
To you Christ the head of all.

She lived during the reign of King Shapur of Persia (309-379), and because she converted many unbelieving Persians to the faith of Christ, she was apprehended by the king, and the blessed one was punished with many torments. Unable to be persuaded to sacrifice to the fire, she was put in prison. There she remained for many years, where she starved for lack of food.

After this she was taken out of prison. Because she refused to deny Christ, first the skin of her head was scalped off, then she was harshly nailed to wood, by which she delivered her spirit to the Lord, and received from Him the crown of the contest.*


* Saint Goudelia is known in some sources as Saint Gobdelia.