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September 11, 2018

Miracles of Saint Theodora of Vasta

By Archimandrite Iakovos Kanakis,
Priest of the Church of Saint Theodora in Vasta

The great miracles that take place in our lives are accomplished by the grace of God. It is God who works through the saints of our Church. The intercessions of the saints before Him help those who invoke them with faith. All the saints intercede on behalf of the faithful, as does the one who is known throughout the world, Saint Theodora of Vasta in Arcadia.

Many miracles take place at her sacred shrine in Arcadia as well as in many parts of the world, when they invoke her with confidence.

For the benefit of people we will recall only two recent marvelous events that took place in July of 2016.

Mrs. Elpida K. from Cyprus had metastatic cancer in the lung and pleura, and it was necessary to visit the Central Treatment Center in Athens to proceed with treatment. Before her trip to Athens she visited Kythera in order to venerate the Panagia Myrtidiotissa. After the veneration of the miraculous icon she departed for Athens. In her sleep, when she lay down to rest, she saw Saint Theodora talking to her and comforting her by telling her that "everything will go well" and not to be worried. When she arrived at the hospital the next day she was given the necessary repeat examinations. But there was disruption among the medical staff. Indeed, in the next few days, believing and unbelieving people spoke of an inexplicable event. A miracle took place since no trace of the disease was found in the results. The incident strengthened her faith and that of her family. The daughter of the lady, at the request of the recovering but healed mother, arrived at Vasta and thanked the Saint with all her heart. At the first opportunity she will also come with her mother to offer her tears of gratitude to the Holy Great Martyr Theodora.

Another wonderful event happened in July of 2016. This was the healing of Nicholas, a six month old child from Crete. Mrs. Maria S. narrated the miracle of her grandchild. After his birth, the child had to operate in open-heart surgery. While the surgery was considered successful, it was necessary for a second surgery that would be as dangerous as the first. The previous night before the surgery, while the child was brought by his parents to Athens, his grandmother prayed fervently with all her strength to God and the Panagia, invoking also Saint Theodora. She prayed for the young child to be able to overcome his Golgotha, which he was climbing even though he was so young. In the morning the doctors took the required examinations and told the parents that there was no need for surgery. Some will say that this is a random event. Let them know that luck does not exist. There is rather the plan and providence of God for all.

One would say that Christ in the Gospels prevents people from asking for miracles to believe. But there are moments in human life that you are exhausted mentally and ask for a support, a sign to strengthen. It is then that a miracle, the supernatural element, gives you strength and support.

We ask for miracles but we do not understand that the greatest miracle we experience everyday when we just open our eyes, when we behold the sun, when we see, when we walk. We forget something else. The greatest miracle is that God from His love for people has become a man so man can unite with his Creator! What greater miracle is there than this? This is the greatest miracle that people seek to discover and live!

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.