September 25, 2018

When Fr. Benedict Petrakis Resurrected his Dead Benefactor

Archimandrite Benedict Petrakis (+ September 8, 1961) developed a magnificent pastoral activity in the Metropolis of Aitoloakarnania and especially in Agrinio. Many spiritual branches of this region bore fruit through his systematic work and his exceeding love for God and neighbor.

When he was young and wanted to study theology, he was helped financially by a pious woman from Patras, Melpomeni Bulbasakos. And when he became a mature preacher in Aitoloakarnania, he received a phone call informing him that his benefactor was near death and he was requested to go and give her final communion.

Immediately Benedict got into a taxi and hurried for Melpomeni's home in Patras. When he arrived at her stairs however, he met a deacon who was leaving the house who informed him that he was called to commune her instead due to the emergency because he was nearby, but when he arrived she was already dead.

"Did you commune her?" asked Fr. Benedict.

"I was not able to, Father. She died."

"Come with me."

They both entered the room where the dead body of Melpomeni was. It was full of pious Christians. Fr. Benedict said:

"Everyone kneel and pray!"

He also knelt. With his right hand he took her hand and with his left hand he touched her forehead; then he cried out:

"Melpomeni... Melpomeni... it is Benedict! I came to commune you!"

Then the miracle took place. She came back to life! Slowly she was able to barely open her mouth, so that he was able to commune her of the Body and Blood of the Lord. He then gave her some wine, saying:

"Drink it."

And she drank it. Then he gave her some water, and she swallowed it. Then he said to her:

"Go to sleep now and may we have a good reunion in the kingdom of heaven."

He then said to the deacon:

"Did I not tell you, brother, that she did not die?"

Then he addressed everyone in attendance, saying:

"Do not say anything about what you saw today, before my death."

Source: From the book A Contemporary Saint, Fr. Benedict Petrakis by Archimandrite Spyridon Xenou (Greek). Translation by John Sanidopoulos.