August 30, 2018

"They Do Not Believe in My Sainthood" (St. Amphilochios Makris)

By Archimandrite Paul Nikitaras

In Piraeus there was a woman from Patmos, Niki Trachanidou, who had heard of the holiness of Elder Amphilochios Makris, and she purchased oil from the lamp that was lit at the grave of the Elder, which she reverently kept in her icon corner.

She used to gather certain pious women at her house and they would read religious books and chant the Supplications to the Most Holy Theotokos.

One of these ladies, Mrs. Helen Sakali, a resident of Keratsini, had a tumor at the sole of her foot and her doctors recommended surgery because otherwise the tumor would spread and she would risk losing her leg.

The woman from Patmos gave her medicine, the oil of the Elder, and while chanting his apolytikion,* she smeared it on the tumor, which a few days later was gone. She went to the doctors and they could not believe that her tumor had dissipated. They assured her that some miracle had happened.

She then confessed that she had been healed by the oil of a holy man, Elder Amphilochios. A few days after the healing she saw the Elder in a dream, and he said to her:

"I helped you become well. Now you must go to Patmos where I can be found and thank me and say that I am a saint, because they do not believe in my sainthood."

Sister Euphrosyne assured me that when the lady went to kiss the grave of the Elder, she sensed such a fragrance, that in her conscience he stands as a holy father, who indeed has been sanctified.

*Apolytikion to Elder Amphilochios
Friend of Nektarios and boast of Patmos, let us all honor the protector of orphans, the support of monastics. Venerable Amphilochios, intercede to Christ God on behalf of our souls.

Source: From the book Ο Γέροντας Αμφιλόχιος published by the Sacred Cell of the Holy Theodoroi, Mount Athos. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.