August 23, 2018

Holy Martyr Louppos of Thessaloniki, Servant of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrios

St. Louppos the Martyr (Feast Day - August 23)


Louppos was a servant, but by the sword,
He freely approached God as a friend.
On the twenty-third Louppos was struck with the edge of the sword.

The Holy Martyr Louppos was a faithful servant of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrios of Thessaloniki (Oct. 26). Being present at the death of his master, he soaked his own clothing (said to be his orarion, possibly indicating he was a deacon) with his blood and took the ring from his hand. With this clothing, the ring and the name of the Great Martyr Demetrios, Saint Louppos worked many miracles in Thessaloniki. He destroyed pagan idols, for which he was subjected to persecution by the pagans, but he was preserved unharmed by the power of God.

Saint Louppus voluntarily delivered himself into the hands of the torturers, and presented to the emperor Maximian Galerius, who sentenced him to death. However, the soldiers who took up weapons against Louppos turned against one another and severely wounded themselves. As he was not yet baptized, even though he was a Christian, Louppos prayed to God that He would somehow plan his baptism before his death. At that moment, rain unexpectedly fell from the clouds upon this holy martyr and thus he received baptism from on high. After great sufferings, Louppos was beheaded and took up habitation in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
Thou wast armed with the invincible power of God the Word, O prizewinning Martyr Louppos. Thou didst war against the prince of evil and shine resplendently in contest, and receive the prize of victory. Pray for us fervently that we may be granted the forgiveness of our sins.

Kontakion in the Second Tone
In thy contest thou didst vanquish the enemy array, as the Lord's steadfast warrior, O Louppos. For strengthened by divine love thou didst prevail with great struggles, surpassing the strength of man. Thou art interceding with Christ our God for us all.