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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Hermes, Serapion and Polyainos

Sts. Hermes, Serapion, and Polyainos (Feast Day - August 18)


To Hermes.
Hermes was violently dragged over rocks,
He was a rock who ceased, taking refuge in the heavens.

To Serapion.
The all-terrible rocks brought dragging,
And Serapion was completely firm as a rock.

To Polyainos.
Polyainos spills blood being dragged over rocks,
A lion of Christ from the water of the rocks.

These Saints were from Rome, were accused by unbelievers that they revered Christ, and who hated and turned away from the idols. For this reason they stood before the eparch of Rome, and boldly confessed the faith of Christ.

First they were imprisoned in a dark and dirty prison. Then they were released, but refused to sacrifice to the idols. Because of this they were dragged over rocky places, which were difficult to walk, and by this torture they delivered their souls into the hands of God, from whom they received the unfading crown of the contest.

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