August 13, 2018

Holy Abba Seridos of Gaza

St. Seridos of Gaza (Feast Day - August 13);
Photo is a general view of Deir e-Nuseirat, the location of Seridus' Monastery


Wherever You and Seridos are O God the Word,
Glory is beheld, which the Father has given You.

Our Venerable Father Seridos founded the famous monastery named after him near Thabatha, a village five miles south of Gaza. It was a coenobium surrounded by hermit's cells.

The Monastery of Seridos was founded during the reign of Emperor Justin I (518-527). Saint Barsanuphios, who was known as the "Great Old Man", spiritually led the monastic community through Seridos, who headed the coenobium. Both Saints Barsanuphios and John, the two great elders, lived as isolated hermits near this monastery. Among the other great saints of this monastery were Saint Dorotheos and his disciple Dositheos.

Under Seridos the monastery was expanded; a neighboring plot was purchased with the community's funds and a new church, a hospice and an infirmary were erected on it. Saint Dorotheos, who lived at this community, informs us that it was located south of Nahal Besor (Wadi Ghazzeh). Modern archaeologists have identified the monastery at Deir e-Nuseirat, about 1 km south of Thabatha and about 2 km south Nahal Besor. The excavation uncovered the remains of a large and splendid coenobium.

The Venerable Seridos reposed in peace. We read about him in the writings of Saints Barsanuphios, John and Dorotheos.