August 2, 2018

Saints and Feasts of August 2

On the second is the translation of the corpse of Stephen.

(Fasting Day)

Translation of the Sacred Relics of 
Saint Stephen the Protomartyr

Translation of the Relics of Saint Stephen the Protomartyr

Saint Stephen the Protomartyr Resource Page

Finding of the Relics of the Holy Martyrs 
Maximus, Dada and Quinctilian

Holy Martyrs Quinctilian, Maximus and Dada at Durostorum

Holy Martyr Phokas

Holy Martyr Phokas

Saint Justinian II the Pious Emperor

Saint Justinian II Rhinotmetos, the Pious Emperor of the Romans (+ 711)

Venerable Fotou the Cypriot

Saint Fotou the Cypriot

Saint Basil the Fool for Christ 
and Wonderworker of Moscow

Saint Basil the Fool for Christ and Wonderworker of Moscow (+ 1557)

St. Basil the Fool for Christ: A Russian Animation

Saint Basil's Cathedral and the Book of Revelation

Russian Cathedrals and Rock & Roll

Holy New Martyr Theodore of the Dardanelles

Holy New Martyr Theodore of the Dardanelles (+ 1690)