May 3, 2018

Three Greek Shrines Dedicated to Saint Xenia of Kalamata

The Holy Great Martyr Xenia of Kalamata, who was martyred in the early fourth century and commemorated by the Church for centuries, at some point became forgotten, until she revealed herself in visions to a Greek-American priest in the 1960's who served at the Church of the Annunciation in New York City. For this reason, we do not know of any shrines dedicated to this Saint before this time. However, with the growth of her popularity and veneration in Greece, three chapels have been dedicated to her there in recent times.

1. Chapel of Saint Xenia in Kalamata

In 1993, in the western part of the city of Kalamata, a chapel was built to honor Saint Xenia to commemorate where she was born and martyred. This chapel belongs to the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity in Kalamata, which is down the same street. Though she is celebrated here on her feast on May 3rd, it should be noted that most of the churches in Kalamata celebrate her as well on that day.

2. Chapel of Saint Xenia in Agiasos, Lesvos

This picturesque chapel dedicated to Saint Xenia was built in 1997 by the local family of Nikos Kourtzis. They celebrate primarily Saint Xenia of Kalamata on May 3rd, but they also celebrate Saint Xenia of Rome on January 24th. It should be noted that under the courtyard of this chapel there is a catacomb dedicated to All Saints, which celebrates on the Sunday of All Saints.

3. Chapel of Saint Xenia in Kormpi-Varis, Attica

This chapel is located near the Parish Church of the Prophet Elias, to which this picturesque chapel overlooking the town belongs.