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May 13, 2018

Holy New Hieromartyrs Gabriel and Arkadios of Iveron (+ 1922)

Gabriel was born in the village of Berova (mod. Vertiskos) in Kilkis in 1886. He entered Iveron Monastery in 1904. In 1907 he was tonsured a monk and then ordained a deacon and presbyter. According to the records of the monastery, he faced a martyric death in Kydonies (mod. Ayvalık) by the Turks during the population exchange between the Greeks and the Turks in 1922. It specifically took place on the Sunday Before the Elevation of the Honorable Cross, which was September 11, 1922.

Arkadios was born in 1893 in Kydonies of Asia Minor. He entered Iveron Monastery in 1912 and was tonsured a monk in 1914. That same year he was ordained a deacon, on August 25. In 1916 he was a student at Athoniada School. He suffered martyrdom with Hieromonk Gabriel on the same day. They are both celebrated on May 13th, with the other saints of Iveron.