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May 7, 2018

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Kodratos and Those With Him

St. Kodratos the Martyr of Nicomedia (Feast Day - May 7)


To Kodratos.
For God you came before the sword Kodratos,
Offering a quadran and attaining the eschaton.

To Rufinus and Saturninus.
Two athletes together dare approach beheading by the sword,
Voicing their faith in the Lord.

He was from the city of Nicomedia, during the reign of Decius and Valerian, and in the year 253 he was apprehended by the Greeks for his faith in Christ together with many other Christians, being delivered to Perinius the proconsul, namely the governor of Nicomedia. He thus asked the saints to tell him about their race and homeland and their names. To all these Saint Kodratos responded and said: "We are called Christians. This is the wondrous name we have. If you want to find out what is our position, listen. We are servants of Christ, and our city is the Jerusalem above." When the governor saw that this athlete could not be softened, neither with threats nor the promise of gifts, but instead he wrestled against him with the power of his words, for this reason his anger was inflamed against him, and he ordered for the Saint to be laid out on the ground, to be beaten with dry ox hide for a good amount of time. Having covered the surface of the ground with blood, he was brought to prison.

The proconsul then took him and his companions, and they went to Nicaea, where they were again examined. Saint Kodratos again responded on behalf of all. When the Saint saw some Christians there, who out of fear of torture were considering sacrificing to the idols, he brought to their remembrance the fear of God and the day of judgment, and with this he made firm their faith. When the proconsul saw they were unalterable, he delivered them over to the fire. Then Saint Kodratos entered the temple of the idols, and he destroyed all the idols therein. For this reason he was suspended and lacerated. When the proconsul went to Apamea at the Black Sea, he took Saint Kodratos with him, and he ordered that he be placed within a sack, and over the sack the Martyr was harshly beaten with ox hides. Going also to Caesarea, he dragged the Saint along with him, and there he was again beaten with ox hides. At this time Saturninus and Rufinus came to believe in Christ, and they were suspended, lacerated and finally beheaded, and the renowned ones received the crown of the contest.

The proconsul then went to Apollonia and again he had with him Saint Kodratos, and he urged him to sacrifice to the idols. Because he could not be persuaded, the beastly one mixed salt with vinegar, and he poured it on the wounds of the Saint, which he had previously received from the beatings with the ox hide, then he ordered his wounds to be rubbed with rags made of goat hair. After this iron was heated, and they were placed on the sides of the Martyr. Then the proconsul went to a place called Roundakos and then Hermopolis, where again the Saint was dragged along, who, being unable to walk, sat on the horse carriage. There again he was questioned about denying Christ, and instead of being persuaded, he confessed Christ. He was thus spread out over a fiery grill, and the servants poured on the grill oil and pitch. Because the Martyr said that this torment was as if it was a delicacy and relaxing, and when the proconsul saw that the fire did not touch him, he gave his final decision. Therefore the Saint was beheaded, and received the crown of martyrdom.