May 11, 2018

The Chapel of Saint Mokios in Nerofrakti

In the Thracian village of Nerofrakti, outside of Drama, is the Church of Saint Demetrios, where one can find the Chapel of Saint Mokios in its courtyard. Saint Mokios was martyred in ancient Perinthos, which today is called Heraclea in Eastern Thrace. His feast was especially celebrated by the Greeks in the village of Leukasio in the Thracian district of Malgara.

In 1913 the Turks burned down the village of Leukasio, thus destroying the Church of Saint Mokios. The only item that survived the destruction was the icon of Saint Mokios, which still shows signs of the bullet holes from the Turkish guns, and the bottom shows signs of burning from the fire. This icon was brought to the village of Nerofrakti, and is now kept there in the Chapel of Saint Mokios. There Saint Mokios is celebrated annually on May 11th with a great feast and dancing, and he is considered a patron of the people of Thrace as well as of farmers.