May 19, 2018

Saints and Feasts of May 19

On the nineteenth Patrick was beheaded with a sharp sword.

Holy Hieromartyr Patrick, Bishop of Prusa, 
With the Presbyters Akakios, Menander and Polyainos

Holy Hieromartyr Patrick, Bishop of Prusa, and His Companions

Venerable Memnon the Wonderworker

Synaxarion of Saint Memnon the Wonderworker

Holy Martyr Akolouthos

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyr Akolouthos of the Thebaid

Saint Demetrios of the Don, Great Prince of Moscow

Venerable Cornelius of Paleostrov and Olonets

Saint John, Prince of Uglich, 
in Monasticism Known as Ignatius

Venerable Cornelius of Komel

Venerable Sergius of Shukhtom

Holy Hieromartyr Melchizedek, Bishop of Kisamos

Holy New Martyr John the Dragatis, 
nicknamed "Arnaoutoyiannis"

Commemoration of the Entrance of Saint Nina
the Equal to the Apostles into Georgia

Translation of the Sacred Relics of 
Saints Julian the Presbyter and Julias the Deacon

Pontian Genocide Remembrance Day