May 14, 2018

Holy Hieromartyr Therapon, Bishop of Cyprus

St. Therapontos, Bishop of Cyprus (Feast Day - (Gr.) May 14 and (Sl.) May 25)


You were seen Therapon as an excellent sacrificer of the Word,
You were seen Therapon also through your blood Father.

We do not know exactly where Therapon was born, nor when, nor who his parents were. Saint Andrew of Crete, who composed an encomium in his honor, says he was from somewhere in the East, while in Cyprus, with its many Alamanni saints, they say he was from the area of Germany, which is why they call him Saint Therapon the Alamanni. We know he did not live after 740, when Saint Andrew of Crete reposed, but he probably lived some time between the 6th and 8th century.

At some point he became a monk and arrived at Cyprus, where he later became Bishop and died a martyric death. Tradition says that he had first went to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage, where he probably became a monk, and from there went to Cyprus and became Bishop of Kition in Cyprus. As Bishop he became known as a wonderworker as well. While serving the Divine Liturgy, he was slaughtered on the altar by Arab pirates. A church was built in his honor, where his relics became the source of numerous miracles.

In the year 806 the sacred relic of the Hieromartyr was transferred to Constantinople, due to the danger of the Saracen invasions. The Saint had appeared to the sexton of that church and told him that the infidels will attack Cyprus and ordered him to remove his relics to Constantinople. As the ship sailed to Constantinople, fragrant myrrh began to flow from the relic, and travelers on the ship were miraculously saved during a storm by their prayers to Saint Therapon.

Upon arrival at Constantinople, his relic was first kept in the Church of the Theotokos at Blachernae. After this they were interred at a church bearing his name, where myrrh flowed from his relics, and miracles took place. By the grace of God, the gravest illnesses of possession, of cancer, of hemorrhaging, of insanity, of blindness, of barrenness and of various other maladies were cured by the relics of Saint Therapon. The arrival of Saint Therapon to Constantinople is said to have taken place on May 14, hence his commemoration on that day.

Today in Constantinople there is a shrine known as the Holy Water of Saint Therapon in the Seraglio Wall near Pasha Kapusi, where twice a week, on Monday and Friday, Christians and Turks gather to pray, light candles and seek healings.

Portions of his relics can be found at the Athonite Monastery of Zographou, the Church of Saint Therapon in Zographou of Athens, and the Church of Saint Therapon in Mytilene.

Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite composed a Divine Office in his honor, which was edited in 1785 by Archdeacon Agapios of Paros.

Of the many miracles attributed to Saint Therapon, it is said that when he was in Jerusalem, a Jewish woman was seen by him weeping and lamenting as she was on the way to bury her dead son. Feeling sorry for her, the Saint prayed to the Lord and raised up her dead son. In gratitude, both mother and son were baptized Christians.

Participating in the ways of the Apostles, you were enthroned as their successor. You discovered praxis as the way towards theoria. Therefore directing the word of truth, you suffered for the faith to the sheeding of your blood. Hierarch and Martyr Therapon, entreat Christ God that our souls may be saved.

Having worthily lived the life of a Hierarch, and passed through the way of martyrdom, you destroyed the sacrifices of idols, and were a defender of your flock, divine one. Therefore we honor you and spiritually cry out: Deliver us from dangers by your intercessions, Father Therapon.


By St. Nikolai Velimirovich

Blessed Therapontos, for Christ suffered,
Two heavenly wreaths, for that he received:
As a hierarch of the Church and courageous martyr;
Still, as a flower unfaded, his body remained,
The sick to heal, and the world to aromatize,
The unfortunate to comfort, the faithful to rejoice.
That, the Lord glorified His glorifier,
Of his rational flock, wonderful shepherd.
And that, the Lord made, that it be known and voiced about,
That a forceful death, does not the saint kill,
But with a wreath crowned him and his name proclaimed
Eternally glorified in both churches.
God's glorifier, Therapontos holy,
And wonderful martyr for Holy Faith,
Help us also for the love of God
By your prayers, before the throne most high!