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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Saints and Feasts of May 6

On the sixth much-enduring Job 
was enwrapped in death's cloud.

Holy Righteous Prophet Job the Much-Suffering

Prophet Job Resource Page

Synaxis of Saints Mamas, Pachomios, Hilarion, 
Demetrios, Danax, Mesiros, Therinos, 
Donatos and Barbaros

Synaxis of Saints Mamas, Pachomios, Hilarion, Demetrios, Danax, Mesiros, Therinos, Donatos and Barbaros

Venerable Micah of Radonezh

Saint Micah of Radonezh, Disciple of Saint Sergius (+ 1385)

Venerable Seraphim Who Lived in Asceticism 
on Mount Domvu of Livadeia

Saint Seraphim the Struggler of Mount Domvu (+ 1602)

Saint Seraphim of Livadeia as a Model for our Lives

Venerable Sophia of Kleisoura

Saint Sophia of Kleisoura Resource Page

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