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Saints and Feasts of November 18

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Saints and Feasts of December 3

On the third Zephaniah passed from this life radiantly.

(Fasting Day)

Holy Prophet Zephaniah

Holy Prophet Zephaniah

Holy Hieromartyr Theodore, Patriarch of Alexandria

Holy Hieromartyr Theodore, Patriarch of Alexandria (+ 609)

Venerable Theodoulos of Cyprus

Saint Theodoulos the Fool for Christ of Cyprus

Venerable Theodoulos the Eparch

Saint Theodoulos the Eparch of Constantinople and Stylite

Venerable John the Hesychast, Bishop of Kolonia

Saint John the Hesychast and Sabbaite (+ 558)

Holy Martyrs Agapios, Seleukos and Mamas

Holy Martyrs Agapios, Seleukos and Mamas

Venerable Sava Storozhevsky of Zvenigorod

Saint Sava Storozhevsky of Zvenigorod, Disciple of Saint Sergius of Radonezh (+ 1406)

Holy New Hieromartyr Gabriel II, 
Patriarch of Constantinople

Holy New Hieromartyr Gabriel II, Patriarch of Constantinople (+ 1659)

Venerable George of Cernica

Saint George of Cernica (+ 1806)

Holy New Martyr Angelis at Chios

Holy New Martyr Angelis, the Physician of Argos (+ 1813)

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