August 1, 2017

Synaxarion of the Holy Nine Martyrs of Perge in Pamphylia

Holy Nine Martyrs of Perge (Feast Day - August 1);
photo depicts the ancient amphitheater and stadium of Perge

On this day we commemorate the Holy Nine Martyrs who contested in Perge of Pamphylia: Leontios, Attos, Alexander, Kindeos, Mnsitheos, Kyriakos, Menaios, Katounos and Eukleos.


In Pamphylia one was beheaded by the sword,
For the Martyrs were examined as one race.

These Saints were martyred during the reign of Emperor Diocletian, when Flavian was governor of Pamphylia in the year 300, and they were Christians from the days of their ancestors. Menaios was a carpenter, while the others were farmers. All together with one mind and one will they entered of their own accord the struggle of martyrdom. Having commonly left behind all the things of life, they went to the sanctuary of the false god Artemis, and in one night they tore down all the idols therein.

For this they were arrested and questioned in order to deny Christ, and not being persuaded they were harshly flogged, and their sides were burned with fire. Then the skin of their body was torn off with iron claws until you could see their bones, and with lit lamps they burned their armpits, then with small spits they removed their eyes. In this way they were thrown into prison without any food or drink, and without showing them any care, for this is what the governor ordered.

After much time had passed, the Saints were given to the wild beasts as food to be eaten. But the beasts did not at all hurt them, nor did they move from their place. When those observing this saw this strange thing, they were astonished, and cried out with loud voices: "Great is the God of the Christians!" And - O the miracle! - immediately there was thunder and lightning with much rapid rain mixed with hail. Together with these, there was heard a divine voice from above, calling the Saints to the heavens. When the Martyrs heard that sweet voice, they rejoiced and in their joy they were beheaded. Having been beheaded, they received from the Lord the crowns of martyrdom.