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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Holy Abba Ibistion of Egypt

Holy Abba Ibistion (Feast Day - August 26)


Casting away the hyssop of tears Ibistion,
Cheerfully you advanced to a land without tears.

What we know of Abba Ibistion comes from the Sayings of Abba Poemen (62), in which the following is said:

"A brother came to Abba Poemen one day and said to him, 'What should I do, Father, for I am tempted to fornication? I went to Abba Ibistion and he said to me, "You must not let it stay with you.'" Abba Poemen said to him, 'Abba Ibistion's deeds are in heaven with the angels and he does not realize that you and I remain in fornication. If a monk controls his belly and his tongue and if he lives like an exile, be confident, he will not die.'

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