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August 18, 2017

Synaxarion of the Holy Martyrs Floros and Lavros

Sts. Floros and Lavros (Feast Day - August 18)


To Floros and Lavros.
Thirsting for an end on behalf of God the Word,
Floros and Lavros were given to the well.
On the eighteenth Floros and Lavros entered the well.

To the Poor.
A mass of poor men found riches,
Given to all together, they left it behind in the fire.

These Saints were twin brothers according to the flesh, stone-cutters by trade, which they learned from Saint Patroklos and Saint Maximos, who were martyred for Christ. Because their teachers were martyred, they left their way of life in Byzantium, and went to Illyricum, namely Slavonia, to the province of Dardania, in the city called Ulpiana. There they sought to find stones in the mines for the ruler Loukianas, where they worked their trade. After they were sent to Likinios, who was the son of the queen Elpidia. Likinios gave the Saints money, and ordered them to build a temple to the idols, the plans of which he drew up on paper as to how he wanted it to look. The Saints took the money and distributed it among the poor, and at night they turned to God in prayer.

When day came, they went to work at their trade, and they quickly built the temple. Having finished the temple in a few days, with a divine Angel helping the Saints, and strengthening them, then Merentios the priest of the idols believed in Christ, whose son Athanasios had believed beforehand, after the Saints opened his blind eyes. The Saint gathered together the poor, to whom they had given the money, and with their help they tied ropes around the idols from their necks and they cast them towards the ground. Then after they lit many lamps, they consecrated the temple, and dedicated it to Christ, saying the troparion for a consecration, namely the "Glory to You Christ our God, boast of the Apostles, joy of the Martyrs." Before them was processed the honorable Cross.

When Likinios learned of this, he ordered for a furnace to be lit and for the poor who took the money and broken to pieces the idols to be cast within. Having been cast within, the blessed ones delivered their souls into the hands of God, and received the crowns of martyrdom. Saints Floros and Lavros were tied to the wheel of a cart and were lacerated. Likinios then had them sent to the ruler Lykonas, who received the Martyrs, and shut them in a deep dry well. When the Saints were shut within there, they entreated God first for those Christians who in the future would remember them and celebrate them. Secondly they entreated God to uphold peace in the world. And third they entreated God to cause the persecution against the Christians to cease. After this they delivered their souls into the hands of God, and ascended victoriously into the heavens.

Many years having passed, their honorable relics were recovered from the well, and honorably placed in a box. These flowed forth myrrh, and various miracles were done for those who flee to them with faith. The Synaxis and Feast of these Saints is celebrated in their Temple, which is near the Temple of the Holy Apostle Philip.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
You were practiced in the ways of godliness, and gladly ran your course of martyrdom, and as illustrious kinsmen you were glorified by Christ. O Floros and Lavros, we praise you as noble athletes, and we cry to you: O Saints, deliver us from all necessities.

Kontakion in Plagal of the Fourth Tone
Today the universe honours glorious Floros and Lavros as wise, godly martyrs and champions of Christ. By their prayers may we receive grace and mercy, and be delivered from evil and temptations, and from wrath and affliction on Judgment Day.