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August 17, 2017

Holy Martyrs Straton, Philip, Eutychianos and Cyprian of Nicomedia

Sts. Straton, Philip, Eutychianos and Cyprian (Feast Day - August 17)


To Straton.
"They reckoned me an abomination," said Straton,
"Men who are abominable, and they killed me in fire."

To Philip.
Friend of God, Philip, and full of soul,
Was condemned to the fire, not becoming fainthearted.

To Eutychianos.
Eutychianos was bound in the furnace,
Like a horse is bound, in words.

To Cyprian.
Cyprian was steadfast in the fire of the furnace,
Flee the outer fire, Scripture says.

These Saints were from Nicomedia. There they went to a theater, where they taught the Greek people to distance themselves from idolatry and offer themselves to the faith of Christ.

One day, when the ruler of Nicomedia saw that the theater was empty of people, he inquired as to the cause. He learned how four men had come to the theater and taught the people the Christian faith, and therefore they no longer enjoyed the entertainment of the theater, having received a new life, turning away from the practices of their ancestors. For this he ordered for the four men to be brought before him.

The Saints stood before the ruler, and confessed that they were indeed Christians who taught the people to likewise embrace Christianity. Therefore they were taken to the theater and delivered over to the wild beasts to be devoured by them. However, they remained unharmed, therefore they were delivered over to various tortures. Finally they were cast into a fire. Thus the holy athletes contested in the arena of martyrdom, and received from Christ unfading crowns.