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August 24, 2017

Saint George Limniotes the Confessor of Mount Olympus (+ 716)

St. George Limniotes (Feast Day - August 24)


The end of George was a common end,
Bearing the sign of an athlete with his cut off nose.

From a young age blessed George loved the monastic life, so he went to pass his life on the Olympus mountains. After undertaking many struggles, he boldly confessed his Orthodox faith and piety during the reign of Leo the Isaurian, who in the year 716 was destroying the holy icons and burning the relics of the Saints.

Having rebuked therefore the godlessness and impiety of the tyrant, and having proclaimed the true faith and the veneration of the holy icons, he was given over to torments in his deep old age, being ninety-five years old. Lastly they cut off his nose and burned his honorable head. The renowned one underwent all these trials with bravery. Thus after he had thanked God and prayed, he delivered his soul into the hands of God.