August 7, 2017

Sayings of Holy Abba Hyperechios

Holy Abba Hyperechios (Feast Day - August 7)


Although Hyperechios lies hidden in a grave,
He has been put forth as an equal among the choirs of Angels.

1. Abba Hyperechios said, 'As the lion is terrible to wild asses, so is the experienced monk to desires.'

2. He also said, 'Fasting is a check against sin for the monk. He who discards it is like a rampaging stallion' (cf. Jer. 5.8).

3. He also said, 'He who does not control his tongue when he is angry, will not control his passions either.'

4. He also said, 'It is better to eat meat and drink wine and not to eat the flesh of one's brethren through slander.'

5. He also said, 'It was through whispering that the serpent drove Eve out of Paradise, so he who speaks against his neighbor will be like the serpent, for he corrupts the soul of him who listens to him and he does not save his own soul.'

6. He also said, 'A monk's treasure is voluntary poverty. Lay up treasure in heaven, brother, for there are the ages of quiet and bliss without end.'

7. He also said, 'Let your thoughts be ever in the kingdom of heaven and soon you will possess it as a heritage.'

8. He also said, 'Obedience is the best ornament of the monk. He who has acquired it will be heard by God, and he will stand beside the crucified with confidence, for the crucified Lord became obedient unto death' (cf. Phil. 2.8).