March 28, 2017

Saint Hilarion the New, Abbot of Pelekete (+ 754)

St. Hilarion the New of Pelekete (Feast Day - March 28)


Bound to the earth was the earthly flesh of Hilarion,
A blessed earth he blissfully inhabits.
On the twenty-eighth Hilarion met his death.

From his youth, Saint Hilarion devoted himself to the service of God and spent many years as a hermit. Because of his holy and blameless life he was ordained to the holy priesthood, and later he was made Abbot of the Pelekete Monastery in Triglia of Bithynia. Due to his great purity and love he was granted gifts of clairvoyance and wonderworking by the Lord.

Through prayer he brought down rain during a drought, and like the Prophet Elisha he separated the waters of a river, he drove harmful beasts from the fields, he filled the nets of fishermen when they had no success in fishing, and he did many other miracles. In addition to these things, he was able to heal the sick and cast out demons. He reposed in peace in the year 754.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
Adorned with gladness of soul, as a pure vessel of the wisdom of Christ, thou wast a reflection of the life in God. Wherefore thou dost radiate the light of the virtues, O Father Hilarion, and guide us unerringly to the salvation of our souls.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone
O Venerable Hilarion, like a fruitful olive tree that has blossomed, with thine oil thou dost mystically make radiant those who sing to thee: Rejoice, unwavering rule of the venerables.