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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem Resource Page

St. Cyril of Jerusalem (Feast Day - March 18)


Offering your talents you enter gain,
In the joy of your Lord O Cyril.
On the eighteenth Cyril was seized by murky death.

Synaxarion of our Holy Father Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem as a Model for our Lives

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem: Catechist and Confessor

The Cross That Appeared in the Sky Over Jerusalem in 351 A.D.

Patristic Testimony of the Prophetic Ministry of Joshua the Son of Nun

The Prophet Jonah in the Writings of the Church Fathers

How Jesus Was Greater Than Jonah (Sts. John Chrysostom & Cyril of Jerusalem)

Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Why Did Christ Call the Grace of the Holy Spirit Water?

Why the Holy Spirit Descended as a Dove Upon Christ

John the Baptist, the Greatest Among Servants and Prophets But Not the Master and Lord

The Baptism of Water and the Baptism of Blood

St. Cyril of Jerusalem on the Ascension of Christ

Glorify God, Don't Describe Him (St. Cyril of Jerusalem)

Fourth Century Texts Reveal True Bride of Christ

An Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer (St. Cyril of Jerusalem)

Sin Is a Fearful Evil, But Not Incurable

On the Commemoration of the Dead in the Divine Liturgy (St. Cyril of Jerusalem)

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