March 28, 2017

Holy Apostle Herodion of the Seventy


Herodion is certainly a noetic rose,
Gathered by the sword, you bloom again in the heavens.

Herodion, also known as Rodion, is greeted by the Apostle Paul in Romans 16:11: "Greet Herodion." He accompanied the Apostles Paul and Peter. Herodion became Bishop of Ypati (New Patras), where he suffered greatly at the hands of the local pagans and Jews. After beating, stoning and stabbing him, they left him for dead, but Saint Herodion arose and continued to serve the Apostles. He was beheaded with the Apostle Olympas in Rome while they were serving the Apostle Peter on the same day that Saint Peter was crucified in 54. He is also celebrated on November 10th with other Holy Apostles of the Seventy.

Apolytikion in the First Tone
The luminary of Ypati and divinely-inspired shepherd, the grace of the Comforter showed you to be Apostle Herodion, you preached the divine light of Christ, and led the pious to the true faith, crying out: Glory to Him Who gave you strength, glory to Him Who crowned you, glory to Him Who furnishes us abundantly with strength through you.