March 27, 2017

Holy Martyrs Philetos, Lydia, Makedonos, Theoprepios, Cronides and Amphilochios

Sts. Philetos, Lydia, Makedonos, Theoprepios, Cronides, Amphilochios (Feast Day - Gr. March 27; Slav. March 23)

On the twenty-seventh of this month [March], we commemorate the Holy Martyrs Philetos the Senator, his wife Lydia, their two sons Theoprepios and Makedonos, Amphilochios the Duke and Cronides the Prison Warden.


To Philetos and Lydia.
Philetos and Lydia were of one flesh,
In this wise they had a peaceful end.

To Theoprepios and Makedonos.
Theoprepios died with Makedonos,
Singing divinely meet hymns to the Lord.

To Amphilochios and Cronides.
The Duke has the Prison Warden to die together,
Authoritatively submitting.

These Saints lived during the reign of Emperor Hadrian (117-138). They were Christians according to profession and worshiped God every day. When blessed Philetos and his wife Lydia were apprehended, along with their two children Theoprepios and Makedonos, they stood before the emperor. The emperor, unable to withstand the wisdom of the Saint, sent him and his wife to Amphilochios, who was the Duke of Slovenia. Immediately he had them hanged on a wooden stake, and ordered that their bodies be beaten with wooden swords. Cronides the prison warden came to believe at that time, and with the others was thrown into prison. That night, as the Saints were chanting and praying, heavenly Angels appeared who encouraged and strengthened them in their martyric struggle.

In the morning they stood before Amphilochios, who said to them: "Many torments and punishments are prepared on your behalf." He therefore had the Saints placed in a cauldron full of boiling oil and resin, and - O the miracle! - immediately the cauldron cooled. Duke Amphilochios was astonished by this miracle, and believed in Christ, saying: "Lord Jesus Christ help me," and he also entered the cauldron. Then a divine voice was heard which said: "Your prayer was heard; come up to me."

When the emperor heard of this, he departed from Rome and came to Slovenia, full of fear and rage. When he arrived there, he ordered for a cauldron full of oil to boil for seven days, and for the six Saints to be placed therein. This took place, and they were preserved unharmed by the grace of God. This miracle shamed the emperor, and he returned to Rome. Meanwhile the Saints prayed and thanked God, delivered to Him their souls, and received the crowns of the contest.