March 20, 2017

Holy Martyrs Alexandria, Claudia, Euphrasia, Matrona, Juliana, Euphemia and Theodora of Aminsus

Holy Seven Virgin Martyrs of Aminsus (Feast Day - March 20)


The virgin number of seven,
Was manifested in the seven virgin women who were set on fire.*

These Saints lived during the reign of Emperor Maximian (286-305), who began a great persecution against Christians. At this time men and women of all ages confessed Christ, and were put to death by various means of torments. Since this much-distressful persecution also took place in Aminsus of Cappadocia, where the governor inhumanely put to death the Christians, these seven holy virgins boldly stood before the governor, they confessed Christ as true God, and called the governor inhumane and monstrous and the enemy of truth.

For this reason he first had them undressed and beaten with rods. Then their breasts were cut off with knives. After this they were hung up and flogged so much, that their inward parts were made visible. Lastly they were placed in a lit furnace, and the blessed ones delivered their souls into the hands of God, from Whom they received the unfading crowns of their contest.**


* Because seven is indivisible by any other number with a whole remainder (other than by “wholeness,” or one), it is known as the “virgin” number by mathematicians.This is why the Seven Virgins are compared with the virgin number of seven.

** In the Menaion Theodora is called Theodosia.

St. Alexandria

St. Claudia

Martyrdom of St. Euphrasia