March 24, 2017

Saint Artemon, Bishop of Seleucia in Pisidia

St. Artemon of Seleucia (Feast Day - March 24)


You cast off your body as a case Artemon,
Dispatching from the earth to the heavens.
On the twenty-fourth Artemon received Eden.

Blessed Artemon was born and raised in Seleucia of Pisidia during apostolic times. When the blessed Apostle Paul was wandering in that area, preaching the words of the gospel, he found the Saint and established him as the bishop, shepherd and teacher of that city, since it is not right to hide a lamp under a bushel.

Thus he shepherded his flock well, becoming a harbor of salvation to all those in need, supervising widows and orphans, and being a physician of souls and bodies. Having passed his life with such God-pleasing deeds, the thrice-blessed one departed to the Lord at a deep old age.

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
You healed by divine grace, your words were speechless by nature, bearing obedience, Holy One, and firmly contesting Artemon, becoming worthy of a double crown from God; Venerable Father, entreat Christ God, to grant us the great mercy.