Thursday, July 7, 2016

Saint Kyriaki Resource Page

Holy Great Martyr Kyriaki (Feast Day - July 7)


Kyriaki died before beheading
Voluntarily, yet perfected by the sword.
On the seventh, Kyriaki ascended to her Betrothed.

Saint Kyriaki the Great Martyr

Saint Kyriaki as a Model for our Lives

The Honorable Skull of Saint Kyriaki the Great Martyr

The Right Arm of St. Kyriaki in Husi, Romania

The Island of Saint Kyriaki and Her Chapel

The Chapel of Saint Kyriaki In Lefkada

The Church of Saint Kyriaki Kontoskaliou in Constantinople

The 9th century Aniconic Church of Saint Kyriaki on the Island of Naxos

The 12th century Church of Saint Kyriaki in Keratea

St. Kyriaki in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Church Burned, But the Icon Shines

Little Kyriaki Tells the Story of Saint Kyriaki

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