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Friday, July 1, 2016

Saint Basil, Founder of Vatheos Ryakos Monastery

Saint Basil of Vatheos Ryakos (Feast Day - July 1);
Pictured are ruins of Vatheos Ryakos Monastery


Truly behold what Basil has done,
For he has reigned over his irrational passions.

Our Venerable Father Basil was from Cappadocia and lived during the reign of Emperor Constantine Porphyrogennitos (901-959). He established the Monastery of Vatheos Ryakos (Deep Stream) in Trigleia of Bithynia. He is not only known for his piety but also for his education and zeal to serve the faith and the Church. For this reason at the Monastery he founded, he was a teacher of pious youths who became teachers of the people and governed other monasteries well.

Vatheos Ryakos Monastery

The Monastery of Vatheos Ryakos (otherwise spelled as Batheos Rhyakos and translated as Monastery of the Deep Stream) is also known as the Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ the Savior, though commonly known as Soteros or Savior Monastery (Turkish: Aya Sotiri Manastırı). It is near modern Tirilye in Turkey (medieval Trigleia in Bithynia). The complex now lies ruined, although some buildings are used by locals as animal shelters.

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