July 17, 2016

Synaxarion of Saint Marina the Martyr

On the seventeenth of this month [July], we commemorate the Holy and Gloriously Triumphant Martyr Marina.


By the hand of the executioner you were beheaded Marina with the sword,
By the hand of the Lord you are crowned with divine grace.
On the seventeenth Marina was beheaded.

+ + +

Who can fittingly speak of you Marina,
For your red blood was shed by the sword.
On the seventeenth Marina was killed with a sharp sword.

Saint Marina was from a village of Pisidia, and the only-begotten daughter of Aidesios, a priest of the idols, who flourished during the reign of Emperor Claudius II (268-270). When she was twelve years old, her mother died. The Saint was then given by her father into the charge of a woman, and she pleaded with God to make her worthy of the Christian faith, which was being taught by certain Christians of the village.

When she was fifteen years old, in the year 270, the Saint desired to be martyred for the love of Christ. When the governor Olymbrius learned of this, he sent his men to arrest her and had her thrown in prison. After a few days had passed, she was taken from the prison and brought before his judgment seat. When he saw her, he was astonished by her beauty. She was then asked by him what her name was, and what her circumstances were. The Saint responded: "My name is Marina, born and raised in Pisidia, and I call upon the name of the my Lord Jesus Christ."

Because she did not acquiesce to deny Christ, the governor ordered her to lay down on the ground, in order to be mercilessly beaten with rods. By this the ground became red with the large amount of her blood that was spilled. He then ordered that the Saint be tied up, and for many hours she was whipped, then placed back into prison. There a great earthquake took place, so that the prison shook, and behold, a dragon came out of a certain place in the prison, which dragged along the ground, and hissed in a terrifying way, and it appeared that it encircled the Saint with fire. Because this terrified the Saint very much, and she trembled from this vision, she prayed to God. Wherefore the terrifying dragon was transformed into a black dog. The Martyr grabbed it by the hairs, and finding a hammer there tossed about, she struck it on the head and lower back, and utterly humiliated it.

After these things the Saint was brought for a second examination and, because of her persistence in the Christian faith, was burned with lighted candles and placed head-down in a vat full of water. Since she remained unharmed, she attracted many unbelievers to faith in Christ, who were beheaded and won crowns for their contest. The governor then became angry and struck off the Saint’s head. Her Synaxis is held in the Church of Saint Menas.

Apolytikion in Plagal of the First Tone
O glorious Marina betrothed to the Logos, you abandoned all things earthly, and contested brilliantly as a victorious virgin. For you firmly trampled on the invisible foe when he appeared, Trophy-bearer, and now you bestow gifts of healing on the world.

Kontakion in the Third Tone
Adorned with the beauty of virginity, O Virgin, and crowned with the wreath of purity, O Marina, you were stained with the blood of your martyrdom, brilliantly radiant with healing wonders, and the trophy of victory you received O Martyr from the hand of your Creator.

The lamp which shines on all, and the inviolate treasure of virginity, the bride of Christ, and unstained lamb, Holy Marina, we honor you with hymns.