July 16, 2016

Holy Martyr Antiochos the Physician of Sebastea

St. Antiochos the Martyr (Feast Day - July 16)


You looked towards the Master who sees all things,
Enduring Antiochos even beheading.

The Holy Martyr Antiochos, a native of Cappadocian Sebastea, was the brother of the Holy Martyr Platon (Nov. 18), and he was a physician by trade who treated and healed the sick, both physically as well as spiritually. While in Galatia attending to the sick, the pagans learned that he was a Christian, and they brought him to trial before Governor Adrian, who subjected him to fierce tortures.

At first the Saint was suspended on wood and had his sides ripped open and burned with fire. Remaining steadfast through such torment, Antiochos was imprisoned. The next day he was cast into a cauldron of boiling oil, which had been boiling over fire for seven days. Emerging from this unharmed by the grace of God, he was then thrown to the wild beasts in order to be devoured. However, even the wild beasts would not harm the Saint. Through the prayers of the Saint many miracles were worked and the idols fell and crumbled to dust. For this reason he was beheaded and received the crown of martyrdom.

From the neck of Antiochos there ran blood mixed with milk. When the executioner, whose name was Kyriakos, saw this miracle, he bravely confessed that he also was a Christian, and anathematized Adrian and his idols. Hence, he also was beheaded, entering the heavens rejoicing with Saint Antiochos. Christians then had them buried side by side.