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Monday, January 18, 2016

Saint Athanasius the Great Resource Page

St. Athanasius the Great (Feast Days - January 18 and May 2)


Saint Athanasius the Great as a Model for our Lives

An Apologia For the Exile of St. Athanasius by Constantine the Great

The Beautiful Virgin Who Hid St. Athanasius the Great for Six Years

The Writing Style of Saint Athanasius the Great

Shrines, Relics and Miracles

Synaxarion for the Translation of the Relic of Saint Athanasius the Great

The Relics of Saint Athanasius the Great

Two Miracles of St. Athanasius the Great in Kerkyra

A Miracle of Saints Anthony the Great and Athanasios the Great to a Cancer Patient in Athens

Writings and Teachings

On the Interpretation of the Psalms (A Letter of St. Athanasius of Alexandria to Marcellinus)

Why Jesus Came Into the World

The Poisonous Songs of Arius

Did Christ Have A Fallen Human Nature?

Homily on the Resurrection of Lazarus (St. Athanasius of Alexandria)

The Death of Christ in the Air Cleansed the Atmosphere of Demons (St. Athanasius the Great)

The Power of the Cross Against Demons and Magic (St. Athanasius the Great)

The Forty-Five Paschal Letters of Athanasius the Great

Holy Martyr Eutychios the Subdeacon of Alexandria (+ 356)

Life and Sayings of our Holy Mother Syncletike of Alexandria

Saint Anthony the Great Resource Page

Saint Theodore the Sanctified

Did Gregory the Theologian Refer to the Writings of Dionysius the Areopagite?

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