January 11, 2016

Holy New Martyr Nikephoros of Crete (+ 1832)

St. Nikephoros the Neomartyr of Crete (Feast Day - January 11)

Saint Nikephoros was from the village of Kritsa in Mirabello, Crete in 1802, and his father was named Tzanis.

He married a Muslim woman named Fetma and had two sons. Nikephoros however changed his faith and became a Muslim, taking the name Ibrahim. But by God's Providence he came to himself and repented of his stumble. Since then he lived the Christian faith and life.

His wife, seeing his conversion, denounced him to the authorities. Then Nikephoros was arrested and brought before the judge of Crete in Candia (Heraklion), Mustafa Pasha. The case was referred to the religious court, before which the Martyr courageously confessed his faith in Christ. It was thus decided that he be put to death.

The Neomartyr Nikephoros was hanged in the year 1832, at the age of 30, and he received the imperishable crown of glory.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.