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Saints and Feasts of November 21

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Holy Hieromartyr Theagenes, Bishop of Parium

St. Theagenes (or Theogenes) of Parium (Feast Day - January 2)


You were cast into the sea Theagenes;
Although you drowned therein, you swam out to the heavens.

Theagenes was bishop of the city called Parium, which had been built by people from Paros. It was located between Kyzikos and Lampsakos on the Hellespont. During the reign and persecution of Licinius (320), Theagenes was accused to the tribune Zelikinthios, before whom he confessed Christ as the true God. For this reason he was beaten with clubs and bound, then cast into the depths of the sea. In this way he completed the course of martyrdom and received from the Lord an incorruptible crown.

St. Theagenes in between St. Stathys on the left and St. Nicholas on the right.

The drowning of St. Theagenes in between St. Sylvester of Rome on the left and the Prophet Malachi on the right.
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