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Friday, January 22, 2016

An Orthodox Chapel Inside a 400 Year Old Oak Tree

This chapel in a 400-year-old oak tree is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and located in the Kutaisi Botanical Garden in Kutaisi, Georgia.

Amiran Khvadagiani, director of the Kutaisi Botanical Garden, says: ""This is a unique centuries-old garden. A few years ago we decided to build a chapel inside this 400-year-old oak tree which had a natural hole in it. A chapel inside a living tree is a rarity and I can confirm that there are no others analogues in the world. There is, for example, a ten-centuries-old chapel inside a Platanus in Greece, there is also one in France, but the first chapel in a living tree exists only in Georgia, in the Kutaisi Botanical Garden."

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